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Creating lifelong learners is our passion, our purpose, and our calling. Charlotte Prep believes that most formative learning occurs between ages 2 to 14, and that our more intimate environment enables us to provide the greatest education value.

Charlotte Preparatory School’s educational mission is built on academic excellence, character development, and the warmth of a nurturing, child-centered community.

  • Early School students launch their learning careers with the enriched benefits of a pre-school Montessori foundation.

  • Lower School students thrive in a differentiated and engaging curriculum, balanced with attention to their developing characters and very real need for play.

  • Middle School students receive the careful, individualized attention crucial to navigating these critical years of growth and change.

Students transition from the Montessori-based education in Early School into a more traditional program that uses aspects of Core Knowledge sequences, Math In Focus/Singapore Math, and the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to gain engaging, hands-on experiences that will help prepare them for their future. Through our formal leadership curriculum, advisory groups, and opportunities for athletics, clubs, and activities, our students develop self-confidence and a strong understanding of who they are. Students learn to collaborate, problem-solve, and utilize tools effectively and creatively.

We’re proud that our students are: 

  • Responsible, self-confident, and positive about learning

  • Able to think critically, analytically, comparatively, and to solve problems effectively

  • Well-mannered, well-spoken, and respectful

  • Open-minded, accepting of others, courageous, and empathetic

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