Beliefs & Mission

Beliefs & Mission

Our Mission: Charlotte Preparatory School fosters lifelong learning and provides an exemplary educational experience founded on academic excellence, positive character, and leadership development in a diverse, inclusive community.

Charlotte Preparatory School is committed to building and nourishing a community aligned around three child-centered values: the infinite worth of each child whatever his or her background, his or her potential to learn and grow, and the importance of partnership between parents and school to create an environment where every child can thrive.

We seek to bring that mission to life each day by providing an outstanding education for our students in a warm, nurturing environment that fosters intellectual, expressive, physical, and ethical growth. We value character and integrity as the essential building blocks of a truly meaningful life. We recognize the richness of a diverse student body. We work to prepare each student to confidently and successfully face life's challenges. We create students able to lead themselves and prepared to lead others.

Four Pillars

RESPECTTreating other people as they would like to be treated
INTEGRITYBeing honest, with high values and standards
PERSEVERANCEHaving determination and endurance to try until you reach your goal
COURAGEBuilding inner strength to face life’s challenges

Crest, Colors & Mascot

School CrestThe words on the crest—Eruditio Pro Vita—are in the Latin language. In English, they are “Learning for Life.”
School ColoursBlue and Gold
School MascotTiger

Accreditations & Affiliations

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