Affording Prep

Affording Prep

Our mission is supported by the belief that everyone in the school community benefits from the opportunity to interact with people who have diverse beliefs and backgrounds. Tuition assistance is one of the tools for developing and maintaining our cultural environment.

Charlotte Preparatory School supports two goals:

To provide mission-appropriate students access to a high-quality education, that for financial reasons, might not be available to them

To ensure that we maintain a well-qualified student body that reflects the socioeconomic diversity of the greater Charlotte community. 

How to Apply

School and Student Services (SSS) is a third-party organization that assists independent schools in determining a qualified amount of tuition assistance based on personal finances. The results of the SSS assessment are confidential.

To be considered for aid for the upcoming academic year, follow these steps:

First, make a formal request in writing and deliver or mail your letter to the attention of the School’s Director of Admissions.

Then you must apply to SSS by February 1 prior to the enrollment year.

Our school link number is #4919.

Our school’s Financial Aid Committee will meet to review all formal requests for financial assistance and determine awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who may apply for financial assistance?

A. Families may apply for financial aid annually. The School works closely with families through this process in an effort to make a Charlotte Prep education affordable.

Q. How is financial assistance determined?

A. Financial assistance is determined through analysis of a family’s financial resources, including income and assets.

To determine fair and equitable assistance awards, Charlotte Preparatory School subscribes to the principles and needs analysis system of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS).

Q. Is this application kept confidential?

A. Yes, all applications for financial assistance are held in the strictest confidence.

Families submit their private financial records directly to School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), where the assessment takes place.

The results are then forwarded to Charlotte Preparatory School, where aid determinations are made using SSS recommendations.

Edward Ritter Scholarship

The Edward Ritter Scholarship is designed to extend the Charlotte Preparatory School educational experience to students who could benefit from it but who might otherwise not have the opportunity to attend the school. As such, the scholarship is both an academic and a need-based financial award. This is congruent with the school’s mission to provide a diverse, inclusive community for students and families.

Learn more about the Edward Ritter Scholarship, including eligibility requirements and selection process.

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