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Head of School's Welcome

Like every educator, I have a philosophy of education – guiding principles that ground me in my profession. Although it is not difficult to state these ideals in a general sense, I think it is more illuminating and meaningful to describe a school where teachers and students give life to these principles every day. Charlotte Preparatory School is such a school.

Living Our Mission

To be successful, a school must have a clear and compelling mission, and then every aspect of the school must operate in support of that mission. At Charlotte Preparatory School, our mission is to provide a truly extraordinary educational experience founded on academic excellence, character development, and leadership in a culturally diverse community. We seek to bring that mission to life each day by providing an outstanding education for our students in a warm, nurturing environment that fosters intellectual, expressive, physical, and ethical growth. We value character and integrity as the essential building blocks of a truly meaningful life; we recognize the richness that a diverse student body bestows; and we work to prepare each student to confidently and successfully face the challenges of the twenty-first century. We create students who lead themselves well, and are thus prepared to lead others.

Creating an Outstanding Instructional Program

Charlotte Prep is a community of learners, where all students, their teachers, and the School's leadership are committed to both their own growth and that of others. We are student-centered; the very K-8 model of the school, every program, and every policy are all designed and tested to achieve our ultimate goal: providing an excellent, comprehensive education for the students entrusted to us.

Our school is balanced in its approach, seeking the classic ideal of “a sound mind and a sound spirit in a sound body.” Of course, quality academic programs are the first priority, but excellence is also developed in the arts and in physical education. Our program is carefully designed to stretch our students, but not overwhelm them. The Charlotte Prep curriculum is accelerated at all grades and in all areas, but our students are well-prepared and well-supported in their work; because of this combination of challenge and support, they thrive.

Creating a Positive School Culture

A school is a community, and our Charlotte Prep community is founded on one very simple, yet powerful principle: Each student is known, and every student matters.

The environment at Charlotte Prep is loving, warm, caring, and fun. We laugh and play with our students, and we joyously celebrate their talents and their accomplishments, because it’s cool to be smart at Charlotte Prep! At the same time, our culture is one that both values and expects honor and integrity. All community members are held to the highest ideals of acceptance, courtesy, and respect for others, for when we look for the best in others, we find it in ourselves.

As someone whose essence is so deeply defined by education, I could (and have!) written many pages on this subject. But when all is said and done, Charlotte Prep’s guiding philosophy in every decision and every program can be summarized in this question: “What’s best for the kids we love?”

If our school's guiding principles match yours – and our highest aspirations for your child meet yours – then I encourage you to learn more about Charlotte Prep. I invite you to spend a few minutes viewing the pages of our website for more information; I think that you’ll like what you read! Better yet, come to our campus and watch us in action – we are confident that you will see for yourself how Charlotte Prep prepares students for futures bright with possibility.


Blair Fisher
Head of School
Blair Fisher
"Norm's Notes"
Norm's Notes is Head of School Blair Fisher's unique perspective on teaching and learning at Charlotte Preparatory School. Why Norm's Notes? Norman is Mr. Fisher's first name, which is why he prefers to be called Blair!

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