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Parents as Partners

Parent involvement in school life is an honored tradition at Charlotte Prep. We know a healthy, respectful partnership between home and school is a critical element of an exemplary education, and we encourage parents to volunteer, finding the ways that work best for them. 

A successful Charlotte Prep family:

  • Makes a long-term commitment to the School.

  • Has thought deeply about the match between the School’s mission, four pillars, and their family values.

  • Is involved in School activities and events.

  • Is supportive of School programs and policies.

  • Is a positive, proactive ambassador within the School community and beyond.

  • Recognizes that the home-school partnership includes support of the School’s expectations regarding student behavior, academic achievement, and the development of core virtues.

  • Supports the School’s fund raising activities.

We encourage you to explore our Parent Life at Charlotte Prep and the many ways for you to become involved. If you have questions, contact our Development Office for additional information.