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The Blue&Gold Social

The annual auction is a volunteer-driven event. Many parents credit the Blue&Gold Social as their introduction to the fulfillment of volunteer activities at Charlotte Preparatory School. Parents, relatives, staff, and friends turn out for an evening of good food, lively entertainment, and an opportunity to support the School through a targeted fund-raising opportunity.

In celebration of the distinctive quality of a Charlotte Prep education, all funds raised cover the events and initiatives executed throughout the school year and to support the vital components that create and sustain this fine school. The funds raised at previous auctions have benefited our students and school in many ways. In recent years, auction proceeds have provided extensive professional development opportunities to faculty and staff, allowed for the deployment of Smart Boards and other technologies in classrooms, purchased fine arts materials, and upgraded school signage.

If you would like more information about the Blue&Gold Social, please contact the Development Office.

We are currently seeking donations for the auction portion of the Social. The auction is our main source of fundraising for the event and 100% of the proceeds go to support the ongoing development of our school. No donation is too big or small.

Past contributions from Charlotte Prep families have included:

  • Vacation rentals, tickets to athletic events and concerts, artwork, etc.
  • Donate time and talents: cooking lessons or organizational guidance

If you frequent businesses, restaurants, stores, or services, please consider asking for a possible donation for the event. Alternatively, you can provide contact information for our committee members to contact for this purpose.

If you are a business owner, please consider donating a service or product. There are also company sponsorship opportunities available. Both donations and sponsorship options provide great exposure to businesses while also furthering our goal as a school and a community.

Blue & Gold Social Questions?

Contact our Social Coordinator, Marcie Jacobs.