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After School Studios

Charlotte Prep offers our primary through 8th Grade students the opportunity to participate in after-school enrichment classes called Studios. These classes are taught by Charlotte Prep faculty and highly-requested partners for Charlotte Prep students. 

A new selection of Studio choices is offered each fall and spring, and each session lasts approximately eight weeks. Students are escorted to the Studio location by their teacher after the school day ends. The Studios usually last 45 minutes. There is a fee, separate from tuition, associated with each class.

SAMPLE Studio Options*

Little Scholar Whiz Kids 
Grab your goggles and lab coat – we are heading on a scientific discovery mission to explore the world of science through everyday objects, experiments, and encounters. This class will enhance the STEM education philosophies taught in science class as we cover physics, biology, chemistry, geology, astronomy, and zoology.
Tthis studio is full of Ran (colors), Ginti (numbers), Akshar (alphabet), Kavita (poems), Kahani (stories), and Khel (games). Children will learn how to begin speaking Hindi and reading it aloud. They will explore this amazing culture through a variety of activities, including arts, crafts, academics, and games.
Amazing Athletes 
Attention young athletes! Little ones build gross motor skills while learning about lacrosse, soccer, football, hockey, golf, tennis, volleyball, baseball, and basketball. It’s a great introduction to all of the sports children will play as they get older.
National Chess Master's studio combines a half-hour teaching segment followed by 30 minutes of strategic play. Participants will benefit from master instruction as they learn rules and strategies of the game. Registration includes all local tournament registration fees and annual U.S. Chess Federation membership.
Green Thumb Club 
Catch an insect, grow a terrarium and save the earth…all while learning about nature and the world around us through exciting expeditions, science and environmental exploration. Our Green Thumb Club will ignite your child’s passion for nature, recycling and learning about the earth through educational activities.
Students are introduced to the Chinese language, culture, landmarks, and people through creative projects in a playful way. Taught by a native speaker through Hands & Mind Inc.
Noah's Art
Students will have a blast creating drawings using a “building block” method of instruction. Weekly themes include animals, cartoons, landscapes/seascapes, portraits, shading, perspective, and more. Students will also add color to their drawings using watercolor, colored pencils, oil pastels, and tempera paints.
*Studio options vary by season and by registration.