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High School Placement

Graduates from Charlotte Preparatory School have many choices for high school, including independent day schools, boarding schools, and public schools. Our high school placement process is designed to help students and their families make thoughtful and deliberate choices to find the right fit for their next school experience. Our high school placement team meets with parents and students throughout the process to prepare for the transition. The process is highly intentional and individualized. It includes:

  • High School Fair: Each fall, Charlotte Prep hosts a high school fair to which representatives from many schools (locally, regionally, and nationally) come to meet our eighth grade students and families to present their schools for consideration.
  • Parent Meetings: We meet individually with each family to discuss their student with regards to academic, extracurricular and social preferences and expectations. 
  • Leadership Class: Eighth grade students learn valuable skills from the Head of School in Leadership class to prepare them for the admissions process as well as what to expect once they get to high school.
  • Advocacy: School administrators present and discuss each student’s application to receiving schools as well provide guidance for families throughout the process.
  • Final Transition: Our high school placement team works with schools and families to facilitate a smooth transition to the students’ next school home.