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Kindergarten-8th Grade Model

A Model for Success

We’re frequently asked, “Why does Charlotte Prep only go through the 8th Grade?” There’s a simple answer: We believe the Kindergarten-8th Grade model is the best for our students and allows children to develop in a supportive environment. At Charlotte Prep, there’s simply no rush to grow up before you’re ready.

Research reports greater student achievement when students make only one transition during their academic career, and suggests the most appropriate time for this transition is after eighth grade (RAND Corporation, Focus on the Wonder Years: Challenges Facing the American Middle School).

As a small and close-knit learning environment, Charlotte Prep is a place where each teacher and administrator knows every student well. Through creative and skilled teaching activities, the faculty provides Charlotte Prep students with a rich education, capturing their attention and fully engaging them in the learning process.

Academic Performance
  • 8th Graders in K-8 model schools typically score 50 points higher on standardized tests than their peers in traditional middle schools. (Time magazine, 2005)

  • A 2010 study conducted by researchers at the Columbia Graduate School of Business showed that eighth graders in New York City's K-8 model schools typically scored about 7 percentiles higher on state tests than their peers in traditional middle schools. (The Wall Street Journal, 2010)

  • K-8 students demonstrate higher SAT scores, high school placements, and freshman letter grades.

Social Influences
  • In Charlotte Prep’s close-knit atmosphere, children view their classmates more like siblings. The focus is on academic success, not the opposite gender or social pressures.

  • The relatively protected K-8 setting makes the entry into adolescence less stressful for both boys and girls. (Moving Into Adolescence: The Impact of Pubertal Change and School Context by Roberta Simmons & Dale Blyth, 2008)

  • No “trickle-down effect” of high school social pressures (particularly physical relationships and controlled substances).

Leadership and Readiness for the Future
  • Charlotte Prep’s Middle School students engage in a formal leadership curriculum and take the responsibilities of campus leadership normally reserved for upper school students.

  • Children are ready for a change at 8th Grade – the timing is developmentally appropriate.

  • Leadership development in the Middle School culminates at our annual High School Fair, at which local and regional independent day and boarding schools visit our campus to meet with our 8th Grade class. Leadership, presentation, and interview skills set our students apart as mature and poised adolescents and prepare them for futures bright with opportunity.

  • A K-8 program provides an exceptional venue to play sports – Middle School students are the star athletes.

  • In Charlotte Prep’s small environment, more children have the opportunity to play and hone their skills.

Focus of Resources
  • In a K-12 environment, the high school’s programs and facilities receive much of the school’s resources and attention. Not so at Charlotte Prep, where children ages two to 8th Grade are the focus of all we do.

  • Our Middle School children receive the benefits of outstanding athletics and high school placement programs.