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Middle School

private school, preschool, Montessori, middle school, charlotte school, independent scho
private school, preschool, Montessori, middle school, charlotte school, independent scho
private school, preschool, Montessori, middle school, charlotte school, independent scho

A Message from our Head of Middle School

Welcome to Charlotte Prep’s Middle School, the culmination of the School’s researched-based, intentionally designed program that is well proven to provide students with the requisite tools for success in and out of the classroom beyond Charlotte Prep.

At their best, middle schools work to meet the unique developmental needs of young adolescents. Our very structure is based on research identified as the model most supportive of their success. To reach their potential, young adolescents do best in a small, nurturing environment in which they are truly known by their teachers as unique individuals.

Charlotte Prep’s model empowers students to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing space where they are able to take risks and discover their strengths. Our students stay children – just as they should be developmentally – as they develop appropriate maturity.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Charlotte Prep's Core Knowledge sequence introduces students to concepts at developmentally-appropriate times and then reinforces and extends that knowledge over time in a spiraling manner.

  • Reading and writing are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

  • Our "standard" math curriculum is a full year ahead of learning at most other schools.

  • Our students master emerging technologies that are transforming our world.

  • Charlotte Prep's integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program reaches every classroom.

  • Starting in 4th Grade participate our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, emphasizing flexiblity and responsiblity.

  • Our robust arts and athletics programs provide a well-rounded experience for all students.

Developing Leaders


Character development and leadership are important components of Charlotte Prep’s mission and the Middle School provides tangible opportunities for our students to learn these values. The importance of honor and integrity is woven into the fabric of our school. Our BUDEE (Be Understanding, Dedicated, Empathtic and Engaged) mentorship program, which matches each Middle School student with a buddy in Lower School provides another excellent avenue for thoughtful conversations about these values. Middle School students engage in service learning events that benefit the greater community. They also learn how to present themselves, speak confidently in public, and responsibly manage their increasingly complex lives. Finally, our 8th Graders take a leadership course with our Head of School during which they learn the characteristics of great leaders and challenge themselves to exemplify those traits.

The results are clear and remarkable. Our students leave our care extremely well prepared to succeed in high school. Each fall representatives from prestigious local and regional day and boarding schools come to our campus to recruit our students, knowing that our graduates will enrich their student bodies. In the past decade, more than 98 percent of our graduates were invited to attend one or more of their top high school choices.

Parents of Charlotte Prep Middle School students can be confident that upon graduation their child will be well-prepared for whatever path they choose. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information about any part of our program.

Head of Middle School

Middle School Curriculum

To view our 5th - 8th Grade curriculum overview, please click here.



Please contact Ms. Mandy Cook, Middle School Administrative Assistant.