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Board of Trustees

Thank you for visiting the Charlotte Prep Board of Trustees page. As president of the Charlotte Prep Board, I am thrilled that you are interested in learning more about us and the people like you we are currently serving. As both a Prep parent and a Trustee, I’d like to take just a few moments to share some thoughts with you.

Today was the first day of my tenure as Board president. It was also the first day of the last year that I will be able to call myself a Prep parent. When my second son graduates from 8th grade early next June, it will conclude my ninth year in the parent role and my sixth as a member of the Board itself, or one of its committees. As I walked around campus this morning, I saw what I can only describe as the amazing energy that is embodied in our school’s focus: One Prep. Everyone, from the administrators to the teachers to the children themselves, was walking around campus with a sense of purpose and excitement that certainly must have had something to do with the start of a new school year, but also embodied something more. At Prep, the children are inspired, challenged, embraced, and nurtured throughout their time here, and they have a vibrancy to them that is hard to overlook. And those who are charged with doing the inspiring, challenging, and nurturing reflect that vibrant energy, likely from getting to witness first-hand as their charges develop into articulate, skilled, and thoughtful individuals of strong character. These students are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the world that awaits them after Prep and to thrive in it.

We are confident that the value of Prep’s independent, K-8 model is unmatched in Charlotte and perhaps our entire region. Your child, like all children at Prep, will experience a rigorous academic program delivered by a talented, caring, and supportive faculty. Your child will learn in a safe and nurturing environment and will develop the skills necessary to be successful in the next phase of his or her learning journey. As a Prep parent, I count myself fortunate to have found this special community and I have tried to embrace all that it offers the children who are here. I believe that you also will find Charlotte Prep to be a treasure for your children, but also for you.

As a Board of Trustees, we are focused on three things: excellent stewardship of Charlotte Prep as an institution; ceaseless advocacy for our teachers, administrators, and community; and visionary leadership to bring the school's strategic goals and objectives for the future to fruition. In our work, we embrace the principles of transparency, integrity, and accountability. We know that we are at our best when we serve our school community. With that understanding, we invite our other parents to join us in this community as active volunteers, supporters, and service leaders. If you or anyone you know, inside or outside of Charlotte Prep, has an interest in serving the school in this fashion, please reach out to me or any other member of the Board, and we will gladly help you or them find a path to contributing in service of this wonderful school. 

Thank you for your dedication to your child’s education; it is the foundation of his or her success and for the success of all our children. At Charlotte Prep, we are all equally committed to our students' success within this truly child-centered educational community, which makes us truly One Prep


Chris Loebsack
President, Board of Trustees

Board Members

Mr. Chris Loebsack, President
Mr. Ken Miller, Vice President
Mr. Ed Ritter, Treasurer
Ms. Jaime Daniell, Secretary
Mr. Eddie Mensah, Head of School
Mr. Sean Hogue
Ms. Mary Margaret Kantor
Mr. Neeraj Khanna
Ms. Sandy Midlam
Ms. Mandi Mohammed
Mr. Paul Navarro
Mr. Ken Robbins
Mr. Ed Rosenblatt
Ms. Lillian Wainer
Mr. Ben Wilhelm, Past President
Ms. Marcie Jacobs, PA President

Board Committee Chairs

Executive Committee: Chris Loebsack
Buildings & Grounds: Ben Wilhelm
Administration: Sandy Midlam & Paul Navarro
Finance: Ed Ritter & Sean Hogue
Marketing: Neeraj Khanna, Sloane Mayberry, & Lilian Wainer
Diversity & Inclusion: Ken Miller & Mandi Mohammed
Education: Mary Margaret Kantor & Mandi Mohammed
Development: Jaime Daniell
Parent Association: Marcie Jacobs
Audit & Governance: Ken Robbins & Chris Loebsack