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Board of Trustees

As the President of the Charlotte Prep Board of Trustees, I am delighted that you are interested in learning more about Charlotte Prep. I’d like to share my perspective as both a Charlotte Prep parent and a trustee.   
When we relocated to Charlotte in 2007, my wife Karen and I explored many independent school options.  We are fortunate that we found – and chose – Charlotte Prep for our two children.  It was without a doubt the right choice for our children.  They have been inspired, challenged, embraced, and nurtured throughout their Charlotte Prep experience, and we have watched them grow into articulate, skilled, and thoughtful individuals of strong character during their time here.  As our oldest child matriculates into high school this year, he is well-prepared to meet its challenges and to thrive. 
We are confident that the value of Charlotte Prep’s independent, K-8 model is unmatched in our community.  Your child, like all children at Charlotte Prep, will experience a vigorous academic program delivered by a talented, caring, and supportive faculty.  Your child will learn in a safe and nurturing environment and will develop the skills necessary to be successful in the next phase of his or her learning journey.  Karen and I are fortunate to have found this special community and we have embraced all that it offers our children.  We believe that you will find it to be a treasure as well.
As a Board of Trustees, we are focused on three things: Excellent stewardship of Charlotte Prep as an institution; ceaseless advocacy for our teachers, administrators, and community; and visionary leadership to bring strategic goals and objectives to fruition.  In our work, we embrace the principles of transparency, integrity, and accountability.  We know that we are at our best when we serve our school community.  With that understanding, we invite our parents to also engage in the Charlotte Prep community as active volunteers, supporters, and service leaders where possible. 
Thank you for your dedication to your child’s education; it is the foundation of his or her success, and for the success of all our children.  At Charlotte Prep, we are equally committed to the success of our students and to providing a truly child-centered educational experience. 
Ben Wilhelm
President, Board of Trustees

Current Board Members

Mr. Ben Wilhelm, President
Mr. Ken Miller, Vice President
Ms. Catherine Choudary, Treasurer
Ms. Jaime Daniell, Secretary
Mr. Blair Fisher, Head of School
Ms. Shanon Jones, Past President
Ms. Mary Margaret Kantor
Mr. Neeraj Khanna
Mr. Chris Loebsack, President-Elect
Ms. Kellie McCorvey
Ms. Sandy Midlam
Mr. Ed Ritter
Mr. Ed Rosenblatt
Ms. Wendy Teal, PA President

Board Committee Chairs

Executive Committee: Ben Wilhelm
Buildings & Grounds: To Be Announced
Administration: Sandy Midlam & Ed Ritter
Finance: Catherine Choudary
Marketing: Neeraj Khanna & Ed Rosenblatt
Diversity & Inclusion: Ken Miller
Education: Mary Margaret Kantor
Development: Jaime Daniell
Parent Association: Wendy Teal
Audit & Governance: Kellie McCorvey & Chris Loebsack